The Douglas Cooper Company was founded in 1950 to promote health by replenishing nutrients.  Dr. Douglas Cooper developed formulas to provide what we need in this changing world, recognizing that we can not obtain all the nutrients we need from food. You can have confidence that Cooper provides only supplements that work based on current nutritional information.


So that we can share the latest scientific information about health and nutrition to assist you to select the products that are appropriate for you. Our desire is to empower you to be part of  your own healing process and to feel connected to your own health .


What is the Douglas Cooper difference?
Dr. Cooper trained people in nutrition to offer the products directly person to person. From the very beginning, Dr. Cooper recognized the importance of  Trace minerals and included trace minerals in the formulation of the foundational product, SUPER-T vitamins and minerals.  Over the years, thousands have benefited from taking the SUPER-T daily and they feel the difference!     


In 2002 even the American Medical Association acknowledged that it  is necessary for adults to take a daily multivitamin to support their health. SUPER-T  daily ensures that you are not deficient in the major vitamins and minerals all necessary for proper body function!

Over 60 years in business!