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Many of the products we use to get clean soaps, facial cleansers and body washes might actually be doing us more harm than good.

One of the main ways your body acquires nutrients, other than eating, is transdermally, through your skin. Your skin is your largest organ ”22 square feet on average and 60 percent of the substances you put on it are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Twenty four hours per day your are wearing clothes and sleeping between sheets that were washed using health-destroying chemicals and they are being absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin.

Chemicals in common soaps are no joke. They can disrupt your hormones, promote allergies, lead to reproductive issues and increase risk of cancer. With serious side effects like these, you need to be particular about what you put on your skin.

Virtually all soaps, shampoos, detergents and degreasers are sweet-smelling killers. Not only are they dangerous, but toxic chemicals like formaldehyde used in making soaps have a horrible smell and that is why soaps are heavily scented to disguise these disgusting odors.

Like a huge sponge, your skin is absorbing these chemicals and carrying them into your bloodstream twenty four hours per day. Virtually all of these chemicals are killing you slowly. Not only do they wreak havoc upon human health, but they are also destructive of the environment in which we live.

Billions of pounds of these toxic chemicals are produced annually in the US. They are found in virtually all of our waterways and in aquatic organisms, from algae to fish to dolphins, as well as in human urine, blood and breast milk.


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